Benefits of buying a refurbished vacuum pump

Buying a refurbished vacuum pump makes a lot of sense for many reasons, the main one being the cost. When you buy a refurb it will cost significantly less than buying a new piece of equipment.

If you work out how much you’ve spent on equipment over the years, then look at what you could have saved by buying a refurbished model instead it can be a substantial amount.

As good as new

A vacuum pump that has been professionally refurbished by a reputable company that has all the relevant skills and accreditations gives manufacturers an affordable way to improve production, keep their operations running and minimise downtime.

We have all the relevant industry accreditations and experience and are able to bring a used vacuum pump or blower back to the condition it was in when it first left the factory floor.

Just like buying new, but better

When purchasing a refurbished vacuum pump, you have a service and maintenance history, that gives a clear picture of its condition and how the machine performs.

The main benefit here is that you can be confident that it has no faults, that it will perform as required, and that your operations can resume without any additional risk or disruption to your production.

You may choose to buy a new vacuum pump because you consider it the safest option, not just in terms of reliability but because it comes with a warranty.

Our refurbished vacuum pumps are also warranty-protected for added peace of mind.

When you consider how much more expensive a new vacuum pump is compared to a refurbished one, it’s really a no-brainer. Not only do you save on your purchase price, but you also lose nothing in warranties or cover, leaving you with more money to invest in the business.

You’ll save money buying secondhand

With the cost of everything from energy to raw materials rising, and budgets tightening across the board, we hope this has inspired you to consider choosing a refurbished vacuum pump and making big savings when you need to replace equipment.

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