Case Study –  Leybold RUVAC WAU2001 Major Service

We recommend carrying out regular major servicing on vacuum pumps and blowers. Not only does it keep them running smoothly but it prolongs the life of your pump and can prevent serious damage. Not getting your pumps and blowers regularly maintained can lead to downtime for your business, and loss of revenue, so don’t take the risk.

Our latest major service was on a Leybold RUVAC WAU2001. We collected it from our customer and brought it to our specially equipped workshop in Doncaster to carry out the work.

This Leybold RUVAC WAU2001 is in constant use at a steelworks.

The steps for the job include :

  • Remove the motor
  • Drain all the oils
  • Complete a full strip down, which included removing the housing
  • Aqua Blast/Dry Blast clean all components
  • Remove and replace radial shaft seals
  • Remove and replace bush/sleeve
  • Remove and replace oil drain plug gasket
  • Remove and replace all bearings
  • Remove and replace all piston rings
  • Remove and replace all O-rings
  • Remove and replace coupling element
  • Refit oil plugs
  • Refit seal housing
  • Rebuild
  • Replace with new oil
  • Test onsite for 4 hours

We work with businesses throughout the UK, in all sectors of industry. We are the trusted partner for all our customers and would love to add you to that list.

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Leybold RUVAC WAU2001