Aerzen VML60 Vacuum Pump Major Service

Aerzen VML60 Vacuum Pump Major Service:

Our cmajor service for this Aerzen VML60 Vacuum Pump involved a meticulous process aimed at restoring peak performance and reliability. Here’s what we did:

Collection and Transport: We began by collecting the pump from its location and transporting it to our facility in Doncaster, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Disassembly and Cleaning: The pump underwent a thorough disassembly at our fully-equipped workshop, followed by complete degreasing and meticulous cleaning using Aqua Blasting technology.

Component Replacement: We replaced existing bearings, gaskets, and O rings with new ones to ensure optimal functionality and prevent potential leaks or malfunctions.

Filter Replacement: The current oil filter was replaced with a new one to maintain cleanliness and efficiency within the system.

Rebuilding and Calibration: After component replacement, we proceeded to completely rebuild the pump, meticulously adjusting end float and gear timings to factory specifications.

Oil Replacement and Testing: The pump was refilled with new oil, and thorough testing was conducted over a 4-hour period to ensure smooth operation and performance akin to a new pump.

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