Case Study – Full Service on Aerzen Blowers

We recently carried out full services on 10 Aerzen blowers for a bakery in Stockport. The blowers are used to blow the different flours into the mixers so they are in constant use and require regular maintenance.

The work was carried out on-site which was easier than transporting 10 pumps to our facility. The first job was to isolate the pumps mechanically and electrically before we proceeded with any work.

The oil levels were checked, and the oil was either topped up or replaced. We then inspected the intake silencer and air filter and replaced any filters as necessary.

Drive belts were checked and adjusted or replaced, and we checked that the pumps were free to turn by hand. We then carried out a variety of checks including rotor clearances, the integrity of the discharge silencer, the condition of drive end oil seals and inner rings, and the security of all nuts and bolts.

The pumps were reassembled, and we performed test runs to ensure everything worked smoothly. The pressure relief valve, gauges and pressure switches were tested before performing a final test run.

Finally, we completed a comprehensive report detailing the work carried out, along with any further recommendations for work that may be required in the future. We also recommended a maintenance plan to ensure the blowers stay in optimum working condition, reducing the likelihood of any downtime and loss of revenue.

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aerzen blowers case study