Case Study – Repair and Service Effepizeta Blower

We have recently completed a full repair and service of a seized Effepizeta blower for a customer.  We couldn’t test it prior to repair so had to completely strip it down to find out what the problem was.

The first job was to remove the main body, which was in good condition and just needed a deep clean. We discovered that one of the bearings had collapsed, and remnants of it had entered the blower. The bearing housing had also crumbled, with pieces getting into the blower.

These two issues caused the blower to seize up.  

The blower was given a full deep clean using Aqua Blasting and Dry Blasting. Our engineer replaced all the bearings and the housing, removed and replaced all the gaskets and o-rings, and all radial shaft seals. All filters were also replaced along with the motor. He then set up all clearances and rebuilt the blower and repainted it. It was fully tested before being returned to the client.

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