Edwards EH4200 Major Service

We recently completed a full major offsite service on an Edwards Vacuum EH4200 Booster Pump for a UK-based provider of speciality metals, alloys and materials.

The service involved a complete strip-down of the pump at our Doncaster workshop followed by a thorough aqua blast and dry blast clean.

We then replaced the radial shaft seals, pre-conical, conical brushes, o-rings, bearings, inner labyrinth seals and all gaskets.

The pump was given a coat of paint and was rebuilt before we set clearances using new shims, reset all settings to the factory standards and replaced the oil. The final stage is a full system of tests to ensure everything was working as it should before it was returned to the customer as good as new!

We recommended a maintenance plan to ensure the pump stays in optimum working condition.

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